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Defined Contribution

How can plan sponsors help participants feel retirement-ready?

May 9, 2023

Retirement readiness is a major challenge for many plan participants. For plan sponsors, plan design is no longer about simply focusing only on helping participants build their savings. Providing participant income solutions in the decumulation stage is now equally important, especially because new research shows that many workers need help in this area.

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The case for active management in your defined contribution plan

April 10, 2023

Passive investing has become popular with defined contribution plans due to its low costs and ease of use. In addition, many DC plan sponsors tend to view offering passive funds as a means of preventing participant lawsuits. But fiduciary responsibility doesn't automatically equate to offering only the least expensive or most hands-off investment options.

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The retirement tier: A tool to help participants meet their retirement income needs within a defined contribution plan

March 14, 2023

As people approach retirement, their investment priorities change. They become less concerned with growth and more concerned with preservation of capital and generating income. And they are looking to their employers for investment solutions that can help.

The retirement tier describes the investment products and solutions available within defined contribution (DC) plans that address the unique needs of participants who are entering the decumulation phase of retirement.

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3 reasons glide path design matters in target date funds

February 8, 2023

Target date funds should be designed not just to maximize wealth accumulation during a participant’s career; they should also protect that wealth as the participant approaches and enters retirement. Here are three reasons why the glide path design of target date funds matters.

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Sustainable Income for the Retirement Voyage

September 28, 2023

A new income strategy from Voya Investment Management gives employers a tool to help plan participants meet their retirement spending needs and reduce their chances of running out of money.

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