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LDI Quarterly Update: 1Q24

April 12, 2024

Most U.S. plans are now 110% funded. Pivoting to cash flow driven investing can reduce admin costs while better managing liquidity needs.

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LDI Annual Review: 2023

January 16, 2024

A third consecutive year of improved funded status for U.S. pension plans, IBM re-opens its DB plan, and the importance of diversifying and de-risking.

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Three Reasons to De-Risk Now That Your Plan Is Waaayyy Better Funded

October 12, 2023

Sponsors have waited over a decade for rates to rise and funded status to improve. Although both have now occurred, pushing most plans over 100% funded, many still carry elevated allocations to equities and other risk-seeking assets. Here is why de-risking is now not just beneficial, it’s mission critical.

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LDI Quarterly Update: 3Q23

October 19, 2023

Funded status improved once again for S&P 500 pension plans, rising for the fourth consecutive quarter to 108.7%—the highest level since 2007.

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Pensions unscathed from a claw so deep

January 19, 2023

Funding ratios rose again in 2022, putting plan sponsors in another surprisingly strong position. But with critical decisions looming, de-risking and diversification are paramount.

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A Pension Mulligan

February 4, 2022

Improved funded status is driving conversations around the inclusion of non-traditional fixed income assets in ALM modeling, including investment grade private placements, CMLs and CMOs.

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