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Voya’s Holistic Approach to Target Date Design

June 1, 2023

It is critical for plan fiduciaries to understand the differences in target date design in order to select the fund that best matches the needs and charac

Machine Intelligence

Voya Equity Machine Intelligence: Human Plus Machine

June 1, 2023

The Voya Machine Intelligence team aims to take emotion out of the investment process to deliver alpha that is uncorrelated to more traditional equity strategies.

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US small cap growth: A big opportunity for long-term investors

April 21, 2023

With inflation running at a 40-year high and the Fed taking aggressive measures...


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Excess capital yield: A better framework for value investing

February 21, 2023
After a decade of lagging growth stocks, value investing is seeing a resurgence. But as traditional value metrics used for 100 years have struggled to remain relevant, we recognize that successful value investors must evolve with the changing market environment. It’s time to reassess how to take advantage of this opportunity through a new lens. Introducing excess capital yield (ECY).
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