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Private Credit Insights: Every Problem Is an Opportunity in Disguise

September 19, 2023

Bank lending and deal flow on the decline, economic stress on the rise. It’s a surprisingly good time for private credit.

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Middle market credit: We’re gonna need a bigger boat

February 9, 2023

A $4 trillion appetite for middle market credit faces a retreating base of conventional financing sources.

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Quarterly Market Outlook

  |  60 minutes
Matt Toms

Matt Toms, CFA

Global Chief Investment Officer

With inflation headed in the right direction, rate hikes may be over. Though Fed cuts may still be a ways off, higher yields should make asset allocation decisions easier. Join us on October 5th for our quarterly update and learn how to make sense of the current market environment.

Join Matt Toms, Global Chief Investment Officer, as he discusses this and more.

Matt Toms

Matt Toms, CFA

Global Chief Investment Officer


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Interest-Only Securities Make a Strong Comeback

August 21, 2023
Interest-only securities offer attractive, high-single-digit unlevered yields to the market’s base-case prepayment expectation and stand to benefit from significant spread tightening as demand for the asset class increases amid limited supply.
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