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Article: Beyond the Magnificent Seven—AI’s Ripple Effect
CIO Roundtable

The race for superintelligence has triggered a spending boom on graphics chips, data centers, power supply and talent. Our panel discusses what it means for investors.

June 26, 2024


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LDI Annual Review: 2023

January 16, 2024
A third consecutive year of improved funded status for U.S. pension plans, IBM re-opens its DB plan, and the importance of diversifying and de-risking.
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LDI Quarterly Update: 3Q23

October 19, 2023
Funded status improved once again for S&P 500 pension plans, rising for the fourth consecutive quarter to 108.7%—the highest level since 2007.
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Q&A: Liquidity in Commercial Mortgage Loans

September 28, 2023
Commercial mortgage loans (CMLs) have a track record of strong, differentiated returns that have made them an effective way to diversify institutional fixed income portfolios. Given the historical frictions in CML transactions, many investors assume the asset class is illiquid. However, technologies and platforms to connect buyers and sellers have improved significantly since the 2008 financial crisis. The resulting liquidity has made it easier for institutional investors to access CMLs in a broader range of investment vehicles, including pooled accounts such as collective investment trusts.
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