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What’s more Intimidating? Fed Minutes or a President’s Tweet?

No one likes the messenger who brings bad news — unless that news leads the Fed to cut interest rates.

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The Fed Holds, the Economy Carries on…Trade Wars Reignite

Growing tension between the U.S. and China sparks volatility – which path will markets take from here? 

Crystal Ball

Cycle Mania: Late vs. End, What Inning Is It?

While the yield curve is one indicator of the economy’s trajectory, there are other factors to consider.

Where’s the Risk (Premium)?

March 13, 2019

When valuations reflect good news, risk is generally skewed to the downside. Investors beware: There is no shortage of good news in today’s market.

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Trade Wars Trigger Headline Volatility

August 2, 2018

We remain focused on our central theme of positioning portfolios to avoid downside velocity. Regarding trade concerns, this means reducing exposure to globally-oriented investment grade credits and monitoring emerging market opportunities.

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