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Video: 3Q 2023 Quarterly Market Outlook

July 31, 2023

Watch Barbara Reinhard, CFA, Head of Asset Allocation as she shares our outlook on U.S. markets, inflation, employment and corporate earnings.

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What Lying Chatbots Tell Us About Model Design in AI-Driven Investing

July 18, 2023

Call them hallucinations, fantasies or glitches — fact-challenged answers from ChatGPT and other generative AI tools demonstrate the critical function...

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Quantitative Equities: The Evolution of Factor Investing

July 6, 2023

An effective factor investing strategy should be both contextual and adaptable as markets change over time.

Featured Webinar

Quarterly Market Outlook

  |  60 minutes
Matt Toms

Matt Toms, CFA

Global Chief Investment Officer

With inflation headed in the right direction, rate hikes may be over. Though Fed cuts may still be a ways off, higher yields should make asset allocation decisions easier. Join us on October 5th for our quarterly update and learn how to make sense of the current market environment.

Join Matt Toms, Global Chief Investment Officer, as he discusses this and more.

Matt Toms

Matt Toms, CFA

Global Chief Investment Officer


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Excess capital yield: A better framework for value investing

June 13, 2023
After a decade of lagging growth stocks, value investing is seeing a resurgence. But as traditional value metrics used for 100 years have struggled to remain relevant, we recognize that successful value investors must evolve with the changing market environment. It’s time to reassess how to take advantage of this opportunity through a new lens. Introducing excess capital yield (ECY).
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