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Yields Rise but Major Catalyst for Volatility is Noticeably Absent

Earlier this month, an uptick in yields rattled markets. Yet one source of volatility remains absent.

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Emerging Risks? Be Aware (Not Beware)

Differentiating between idiosyncratic and systemic risk is critical in the current market environment.

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Trade Wars Trigger Headline Volatility

We remain focused on our central theme of positioning portfolios to avoid downside velocity. Regarding trade concerns, this means reducing exposure to globally-oriented investment grade credits and monitoring emerging market opportunities.

Fixed Income Perspectives - Counting the Days Until December

November 20, 2017

We've held short duration much of the year to buffer gradually rising rates, and are staying short into year-end. We are tactically increasing investment-grade and high-yield corporate credit risk. We remain positive on securitized assets, preferring CLOs and CMBS, and are slightly overweight select emerging markets.

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