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Our mission is to help our clients meet their investment objectives and enable them to invest across a spectrum of returns, risk, environmental, social and governance objectives.

Helping Clients Invest Across a Spectrum of Environmental, Social and Governance Objectives

Investment Program

Investment Program


Governance Structure

With Leadership from our CEO, CIO's, Management Committee and senior leadership, we are working across our investment platforms to enhance the integration of ESG factors into our investment process, create ESG solutions, develop thought leadership research and ESG reporting capabilities. 

Governance Structure


Investment Strategy Definitions

In helping clients meet their investment objectives and enabling clients to invest across a spectrum of returns, risk and environmental and social outcomes we first must help define the ESG investment universe. 

Financial Returns


Environmental, Social and Governance

An investment approach that seeks to maximize performance through the systematic consideration of ESG factors alongside traditional financial factors.

Values Alignment

Values Alignment

Socially Responsible Investing

An investment approach that seeks to align with client values by intentionally avoiding investments from specific activities, sectors or geographies not aligned with clients' values.


Impact and Thematic Investing

Measurable Positive Outcomes

An investment approach that seeks to deliver specific measurable positive social and environmental impacts alongside financial performance.

Comprehensive approach to ESG

A comprehensive approach to environmental, social and governance issues. ESG ratings and data reflect a broad range of considerations that are assessed based on materiality for each sector and company.


  • Climate Change Risk Exposure

  • Carbon Emissions and Energy Use

  • Resource Use: Water, Forestry

  • Pollution and Waste

  • Environmental Opportunities: Clean Tech


  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Labor Management

  • Product Liability

  • Stakeholder Opposition

  • Social Opportunities: Finance, Healthcare


  • Business Ethics and Fraud

  • Ownership and Board

  • Compensation, Accounting

  • Corruption, Human Rights

  • Anti-competitive practices