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Voya Senior Loan Bank Advisory Program

Good commercial loans are hard to find, and if your bank is faced with excess funds that need to be put to work beyond local real estate loans and Treasury securities, the Voya Senior Loan Bank Advisory Program can help. The Voya Senior Loan Bank Advisory Program can give your bank access to the $1+ trillion senior loan market, commonly called the leveraged loan market.

An acquired bank-quality portfolio of syndicated commercial loans can:

  • Increase your C&I loan portfolio
  • Help manage interest rate sensitivity
  • Enhance profitability through improved efficiency
  • Diversify asset concentration risk
  • Provide higher net interest margins
  • Foster in-house expertise in C&I lending and disciplined risk management
  • Improve asset liquidity

Voya will help you:

  • Plan and document your initiative
  • Create a syndicated loan credit policy
  • Write a comprehensive Business Plan for the initiative
  • Obtain Board and regulatory approvals
  • Underwrite credits, analyze ongoing fundamental borrower and industry performance risk
  • Train your personnel
  • Obtain access to syndicated loans
  • Employ custom servicing, accounting and reporting systems