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Voya Senior Loan Bank Advisory Program

Voya understands the delicate balance between planning, growth, risk management and the success of any bank initiative. With each client we plan to the end – not just based on our perspective – but on your expectations, resources, limitations and with a disciplined focus on practical banking standards.

Good commercial loans are hard to find, and if your bank is faced with excess funds that need to be put to work beyond local real estate loans and Treasury securities, or if you need to rebalance the loan portfolio toward C&I loans, the Voya Senior Loan Advisory (the “Program”) can help. The Program can give your bank access to the $1.4+ trillion syndicated senior loan market, commonly called the leveraged loan market.1

Voya Investment Management, the asset management business of Voya Financial (NYSE: VOYA), is an established, experienced member in this asset class. The Program was developed to introduce select community and regional banks to the leveraged loan market through a mentoring, co-operative collaboration. Leveraged loans can offer potential advantages to your bank, including increasing your C&I loan portfolio, providing higher interest margins, enhancing profitability and diversifying credit risk. The Program will help your bank take advantage of these potential benefits by creating a syndicated loan credit policy, underwriting leveraged credits, and providing support to obtain Board and regulatory approvals and training personnel.

Two Distinct Programs Offered to Serve Banks

Core Program (single bank)

  • A bank acquires $50 million to $500+ million in loans
  • Build a portfolio loan by loan at bank’s pace


Shared Portfolio Program (group of banks)

  • Banks individually acquire $5 million to $50 million in loans from a selected loan portfolio
  • Build a portfolio alongside peer banks and acquire efficient exposure


How to get started?

If you are interested in learning more about the Voya Senior Loan Advisory Program,
reach out to Randy Cameron at (385) 715-2513 or Dave Wood at (385) 715-2512.

A Designed Syndicated Commercial Loan Portfolio May:

  • Increase total C&I loans and maintain a desired concentration
  • Help manage interest rate risk with variable rate loans
  • Enhance profitability
  • Diversify risk
  • Foster in-house expertise in C&I lending

Voya Will Help You:

  • Plan and implement a loan growth initiative from start to finish
  • Create a compliant syndicated loan credit policy
  • Obtain Board and regulatory approvals
  • Obtain access to syndicated loans
  • Underwrite credits and provide efficient tools and processes
  • Train your personnel
  • Provide risk management support for the life of each loan

Voya’s Role in the National Scale Senior Loan Market

 Voya’s Role in the National Scale Senior Loan Market


What Are Leveraged Loans?

Leveraged loans are extensions of credit to mid and large-sized corporations to finance mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, and other growth initiatives. They stand as the most senior debt in the capital structure and are generally secured by a first priority lien on a borrower’s assets. They are floating rate, with a coupon return comprised of a fixed credit spread over SOFR.

Underwriting these loans is typically based on cash flow lending methodologies — the amount of senior secured debt is a function of the level and sustainability of a company’s cash flows. Leveraged loans are privately traded on an established and active secondary market. Most loans are part of the Shared National Credit Program, and the vast majority of those in the Morningstar LSTA US Leveraged Loan Index are rated by at least one of the nationally recognized statistical rating organizations (S&P ratings range from BBB to D, and Moody’s ratings range between Baa1 and D).



About the Team

The Voya Team is one of the largest2 and most experienced risk managers in the asset class with 40+ team members, managing approximately $27 billion3 of assets across multiple corporate loan portfolios for a diversified global investor base of institutional and retail clients in over 25 countries.


Randy Cameron HeadshotRandy Cameron
Senior Vice President &
Co-Head of Bank Advisory Group
(385) 715-2513
LinkedIn Connect on LinkedIn


During his more than 30 years in the industry, Randy Cameron has become a thought and practice leader in community, regional and national banks in the development of commercial relationships and portfolios.

A credit executive for more than 25 years, Randy has broad experience, industry leadership and skills in building teams and systems to deliver disciplined credit cultures in banks intent on achieving loan growth. Randy has developed, structured and managed large complex national credits, capital market credit products and regional middle market relationships.

He has authored articles and taught classes on sales management, equipment finance, asset based and leveraged lending. As a proven bank analyst, Randy has a deep understanding of what makes banks work and the delicate risk-price balancing of assets, liabilities, and capital.

Randy has degrees in finance and accounting, an MBA from the University of Utah, and is a distinguished graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at the University of Delaware. Randy is a former managing principal at Financial Institution Growth LLC.



Dave Wood HeadshotDavid Wood
Senior Vice President &
Co-Head of Bank Advisory Group
(385) 715-2512
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Dave Wood’s career in banking spans more than 30 years and ranges from Money Center to Large Regional to Community banks. As a commercial lender he has negotiated and booked complex, multi-faceted transactions for multinationals to core working capital and term credits to local businesses while working for financial institutions on both coasts.

As a training executive, he trained hundreds of bankers in beginning and advanced applications of commercial lending, accounting and trade finance. He has extensive experience as a senior credit administrator working with principal, marked to market and counterparty risk exposures. As a credit policy executive he managed policy development, exposure definition & aggregation systems. During his years in treasury credit administration, he was responsible for global dollar clearings exposures to international banks and developed revised bank analytics.

Dave now assists commercial banks build earning asset programs to accelerate performance and effectively deploy capital. Dave is a former principal at Financial Institution Growth LLC.




Michael Moran HeadshotMichael Moran
Vice President, Client Advisor
(301) 758-4840
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Michael Moran is a vice president and client advisor with the commercial bank advisory group and institutional distribution team at Voya Investment Management. In this role, Michael works with both community and regional banks, to diversify and grow their book of commercial and industrial loans, and with current and prospective institutional clients and consultants across the Southeastern United States region and Canada. He joined the firm following Voya’s acquisition of the substantial majority of Allianz Global Investors U.S. business, where he was a director on the institutional client team and previously worked in the retail distribution group. Prior to that, he worked at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Sloane & Walsh, LLP. Michael earned a bachelor’s degree from Boston College and is a CFA® Charterholder. He holds the FINRA Series 7 and Series 63 registrations.


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1 Source: LCD/Pitchbook, as of 07/31/23.
2 Source: Evestment, as of 03/31/23.
3 As of 06/30/23.


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Risk is inherent in all investing. The following are the principal risks associated with investing in the Voya Senior Loan Strategy. This is not, and is not intended to be, a description of all risks of investing in the Strategy. 

Credit Risk: The Strategy invests a substantial portion of its assets in below investment grade senior bank loans and other below investment grade assets. 
Interest Rate Risk: The yield on senior loans is directly affected by changes in market interest rates. 
Leverage Risk: The Strategy may borrow money for investment purposes. Borrowing increases both investment opportunity and investment risk. 
Limited secondary market for loans: Because of the limited secondary market for loans, a portfolio invested under the Strategy may be limited in its ability to sell loans in its portfolio in a timely fashion and/or at a favorable price. 
Demand for loans: An increase in demand for loans may adversely affect the rate of interest payable on new loans acquired by a portfolio invested under the Strategy, and it may also increase the price of loans in the secondary market. A decrease in the demand for loans may adversely affect the price of loans in a portfolio invested under the Strategy, which could cause such portfolio’s value to decline.  

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