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Silver Linings Playbook: Opportunities after Bond Market Rout

June 22, 2022

Now that yields have reset higher, bonds are positioned to protect portfolios while delivering higher income.

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Revisiting the Case for Senior Loans Amid Market Turmoil

June 16, 2022

Floating-rate income and the secured nature of senior loans may provide a valuable defense against both rising rates and higher default risk for investors able to stomach short-term volatility.

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Excess Capital Yield Undergirds Investing in Today’s Market

June 15, 2022

We believe Voya’s large cap value discipline, which focuses identifying companies with attractive excess capital yield, is a more dynamic and effective valuation mechanism to drive a value strategy, particularly in today’s market uncertainty.

LDI Diversifiers (August 2019)

August 1, 2019

Commercial mortgage loans, securitized assets and private placements can help plan sponsors diversify their exposure to long corporate bonds.

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