Multi-Asset Perspectives

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Voya Multi-Asset Perspectives - Trade Dominates the Narrative

The first half of 2018 has seen broad retrenchment from last year's strong returns and low volatility. But if fundamentals hold up the second half may be quite different.

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Political Uncertainties and Trade Tensions Agitate International Markets

Though politics will create a lot of market noise, we continue to have a positive outlook for equities.

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Equity Support Remains Intact

We are positive on equities, but think the U.S. may lag the rest of the world for the next few years.

Voya Multi-Asset Perspectives - Watching the Central Banks

November 8, 2017

We think policy will drive markets going forward, and focus on assets that are geared to growth. Global equities look most attractive under current conditions. We maintain our emerging market and U.S. small-cap positions, and continue to rotate our equity position toward Japan.

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