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Register for Webinar: ESG and Securitization: Mind the Gap

In the drive for ESG investing, a gap has arisen between corporate bond and securitization markets, leaving investors to wonder if securitizations will ever leave the station. We see this as an opportunity to blaze new trails and influence better outcomes for investors, the environment and society.

Host: Dave Goodson, Head of Securitized Credit, Voya Investment Management
Location: Webinar

You'll Learn:

  • Securitized debt investors have been hampered in their ability to incorporate ESG factors due to the complexity of the market, a lack of data and changing classification standards
  • Activity in ESG-branded securitized products is accelerating, with certain issuers offering innovative investments promoting sustainable loans and environmentally friendly assets
  • We analyze ESG factors across three dimensions – collateral, parties and structure – providing a framework for delivering additional alpha while supporting practices that can foster a larger, more sustainable, more inclusive economy
  • Our scale and expertise provide opportunities to work with issuers and the broker-dealer community to integrate ESG considerations when originating and servicing collateral or structuring new transactions
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January 19, 2022

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2022 Fixed Income Outlook Webinar

January 6, 2022

Matt Toms presents Voya’s Fixed Income Outlook as well as key themes for investors to consider for the year ahead.

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How Can Insurers Find Yield Without Taking Undue Risk?

November 18, 2021

Since the onset of the pandemic, spreads have largely recovered and are approaching levels that are uncomfortably tight.

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October 26, 2021

Over the last 30 years, index yield has accounted for nearly all of the Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index’s (“Agg”) future total return.

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Mid-Year Bank Industry Review: Much Ado About Everything

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Housing & Mortgage Finance Market Update

October 14, 2021

The housing market has been a shining star in the pandemic-stricken economy.

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Quarterly Fixed Income Perspectives Webinar

October 7, 2021

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Quarterly Fixed Income Perspectives Webinar

July 15, 2021

We expect seven major themes to shape the strategic and tactical asset allocation of our fixed income portfolios in the second half of the year.

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April 27, 2021

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