Liability-Driven Investing

Watch Brett Cornwell, Fixed Income Client Portfolio Manager, speak on a panel of experts discussing best practices in LDI and challenges plan sponsors face.

Key Differentiators

Flexibility to Help 
Meet Plan Sponsors’ 
Evolving Needs

Ability to pivot from asset management to completion, overlay solutions over the de-risking lifecycle


Expertise in
Specialty Fixed
Income Sectors

Successful track record of incorporating specialty asset classes like investment grade private credit and securitized assets in an LDI framework


Liability Focused
Risk Management
is in Our DNA 

Voya Investment Management’s insurance heritage forms the foundation for our focus on risk management


LDI Solutions Value Proposition

  • Broad fixed income platform drawing on the expertise of more than 200 investment professionals
  • Actuarial resources embedded within the LDI Strategy Development team


  • Independent but integrated risk management team collaborates with portfolio management team
  • Focus on both investment (issuer concentration, spread volatility, bond supply/liquidity) and operational (counterparty, collateral) risks
Value Proposition


  • More than 45 years experience managing liability-aware portfolios 
  • Customized solutions optimized for liability defeasance throughout the lifecycle of the plan


  • Dynamic & cost effective overlay strategies to reduce funding status volatility, neutralize rate risk, create synthetic return exposures, and/or enhance risk/return profiles
  • Liability, key rate duration, and custom benchmark analysis

Voya offers plan sponsors a full suite of pension risk management solutions — from off-the-shelf strategies benchmarked to traditional market-based indices, to bespoke liability-matching portfolios with interest rate overlays.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions*

Off-the-Shelf Solutions


Bespoke Solutions: Tailored to Meet Specific Plan Needs

Our Liability Strategy team partners with clients to evaluate current plan conditions as well as end-state goals and objectives to develop and recommend strategies appropriate to achieve the desired objectives while balancing risk and return within the established risk profile of each client. 

  • Complete plan diagnostics and analysis 
  • Custom benchmark creation
    • Blend of market-based benchmarks
    • Liability-based solutions
  • Completion Portfolio Management
    • Duration extension
    • Key rate duration matching
    • Interest rate hedging
  • Tailored reporting packages
    • Summary plan overview
    • Asset and liability highlights
    • Asset and liability returns
    • Funded ratio history and attribution
    • Interest rate, curve, and quality hedge ratio analysis
  • Transition management as mandates evolve and benchmarks change

Diagnostic Overview

Voya's LDI Strategy Development team partners with clients to develop solutions to help solve key challenges for plan sponsors. Read more about our customized approach to diagnostic reporting. 

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