ESG Statement

At Voya Investment Management, intensive research, disciplined processes, and expert portfolio construction are the foundation of our commitment to reliable investing. With an emphasis on fundamental research and risk management, we aim to help our clients’ meet their long-term investment objectives with confidence.

We understand that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can impact the investment risk and return profiles of our investments. As fiduciaries, we incorporate relevant factors, including these, into our analysis of the long-term performance outlook of a company and the value of its securities. Depending on the particular situation, as part of our assessment of a company’s value, prospects and financial condition, we may consider information about many factors, including, among others, those that are considered ESG, such as exposure to regulation or litigation, labor relations, human rights, product quality and safety, reputation, governance practices, executive compensation, reporting and disclosure, community relations, energy costs and climate impact. In general, we focus on those factors likely to have a material effect on the value and performance of a company and its securities over time. Furthermore, our experienced investors have a deep understanding of the companies in which we invest, and we attempt to take into account all the relevant factors that contribute to an informed investment decision.

As part of our values of stewardship and service, Voya Investment Management works closely with clients in order to customize our approach, when necessary and practicable, to meet specific client requirements.

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