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Securitized Assets: An Untapped Market for Diversifying Credit Risk in LDI Portfolios

Tapping the securitized market can help plan sponsors diversify the corporate credit risk in their LDI portfolios without sacrificing yield and total return potential.

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Private Equity Leverage

Assessing the risk and rewards in the current market environment.

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Introduction to Investment Grade Private Credit

Not all private credit is the same—in this Market Overview & Analysis we explore the nuances of the investment grade private credit market.

Asset Gatherer versus Asset Manager

June 1, 2018

What really happens when a Core Bond strategy gets too big? In this analysis, we reveal how “super-sized” fixed income strategies either lose access to certain parts of the market, or worse, lose their ability to be selective in sectors where bottom-up underwriting of credit risk is essential to success.

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Target Date Fund Selection: More Than Simply Active vs. Passive

May 23, 2018

Whether a plan sponsor favors active or passive management, choosing a target date manager is an active decision that may have much greater fiduciary considerations than the costs of the underlying funds. The very definition of “passive” is unclear, and the glide path and asset allocation will likely have much greater impact than the potential cost savings on passive funds.

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A Holistic Approach to Target Date Design

May 23, 2018

For plan participants, target date funds simplify the complex task of saving and investing for retirement by automatically allocating assets based on each individual’s age and retirement date. 

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