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US leveraged credit in 2023: Historically attractive yields should outweigh growing concerns

January 26, 2023

Barring a deep, prolonged recession, we expect leveraged borrowers to successfully navigate the late cycle backdrop given relatively healthy fundamentals.

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Fixed income themes for 1H23: The economy's moment of truth

December 20, 2022

As we enter the new year, attention is shifting from inflation to the economy and the effects of tighter Federal Reserve policy.

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The Fed pivoting to a pause, not to cuts

November 21, 2022

Eyes remain firmly on the Federal Reserve, which has engineered a landscape of materially higher real and nominal rates.

The battle of the mandates

January 24, 2023

Are bond investors right about US rate cuts, or will the Fed hold rates steady following the end of the hiking cycle? Watch the labor market.

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Stable value investors, take heart: This is not 2008

November 29, 2022

Market-to-book ratios are at historical lows for many stable value portfolios, but this rate-driven move isn’t cause for concern. These products are designed to ensure a stable return and income in volatile rate environments while replenishing market-to-book ratios over time.

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