Investment Outlook

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Good Tidings for Investors Heading into Year-End

After a tremendous run in equities and more than a decade without a U.S. recession, we expect muted, albeit positive forward returns.

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Fixed Income 2020 Outlook

When beta is expensive, tactical decisions make a world of difference—here is how we are positioning portfolios heading into 2020.

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Fed Hopes Third Time is the Charm, as Global Growth Shows Improvement

Global monetary policy easing is beginning to revive manufacturing, lowering the risk of a U.S. recession within a year. We therefore retain a modest overweight to stocks.

Geopolitical Concerns Rise, Stocks Fall

June 25, 2019

Global and U.S. earnings revisions are turning up. We look for stabilization of the U.S. dollar, credit spreads and China’s economy as signals of sustainable future earnings growth.

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G-3 Outlook: Calm Waters

April 29, 2019

Stable interest rates, low inflation and near-trend growth point to continued equity performance and moderately higher Treasury rates.

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Where’s the Risk (Premium)?

March 13, 2019

When valuations reflect good news, risk is generally skewed to the downside. Investors beware: There is no shortage of good news in today’s market.

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