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Tweet Trumps Fed

Recently, we asked which had more clout with investors, the FOMC or President Trump’s tweets. Now we know: tweet trumps Fed.

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Oversold Conditions and Dovish Policy Shift Trigger Rebound in Stocks

We believe the global economic expansion will persist into 2020...

Mountain Road Lined with Trees

Fixed Income Outlook: What We Expect in the Second Half of 2019

Entering the second half of 2019, our portfolios are positioned to reflect seven key themes.

G-3 Outlook: Calm Waters

April 29, 2019

Stable interest rates, low inflation and near-trend growth point to continued equity performance and moderately higher Treasury rates.

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Where’s the Risk (Premium)?

March 13, 2019

When valuations reflect good news, risk is generally skewed to the downside. Investors beware: There is no shortage of good news in today’s market.

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