Bank Industry Trends: Finding Opportunity Within Difficulty

Banks are competing in a historic market flush with liquidity and historically low rates. Further, banks face significant pressures from bank and nonbank competition and are trying to maintain a balance of income producing assets among CRE, C&I, Consumer, SBA, and investments. Although the current economic conditions are challenging, there is opportunity for banks to build quality C&I portfolios.

Join Randy Cameron and David Wood, Co-Heads of the Voya Bank Advisory Group, as they lead you through the underlying trends, clearly identifying how banks’ resilience has allowed the industry to perform as the market has consolidated. They will introduce bankers to a unique program that provides access to quality C&I in this environment. With Voya, banks select and acquire loans that meet their standards and work with Voya to manage risk through rigorous underwriting and ongoing risk management.

Host: Voya Investment Management
Location: Virtual Webinar
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