2018 Long-Term Capital Markets Forecast Webinar

Voya Investment Management’s Barbara Reinhard, CFA, Head of Asset Allocation, Multi Asset Strategies and Solutions Team, discussed Voya IM’s 2018 long-term capital markets forecasts. These forecasts provided our estimates of expected returns, volatilities and correlations among major U.S. and global asset classes over a ten-year horizon. These estimates guide strategic asset allocations for our multi-asset portfolios and provide a context for shorter-term economic and financial forecasting.

Host: Barbara Reinhard, CFA, Head of Asset Allocation, Multi-Asset Strategies and Solutions Team, Voya IM & Russell Greig, CFA, Vice President, Institutional Client Advisor, Voya IM
February 21, 2018, 2:00 - 2:45PM EST
Blue sky through building